Milford's Only Handcrafted Gourmet Ice Creams


Below is our list of ice cream flavors that we currently serve in our ice cream shop in Milford, CT.

Come and try one...or two or three!

Fall Menu

Our fall menu is slowly being rolled out in the store! All our ice cream, sorbets and many of our toppings are made in our kitchen. Our flavors are made in small batches and even through the flavor is listed it may not be in stock when you visit. We hope this is an opportunity to try something different and find a new favorite. – WBC

~Apple Crisp: Vanilla ice cream with homemade apple crisp pieces and a caramel swirl.

Berry Good: Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries with chunks of bittersweet chocolate.

**~Bear Hug: Honey vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirl and Teddy Grahams.

Bittersweet Chocolate: Dark chocolate ice cream base.

Bourbon Baby**: Bourbon ice cream with a ginger swirl and brown sugar pecans

Butter Beer: Harry Potter’s favorite butterscotch schnapps ice cream.

Carrot Cake~: Cheesecake base with chunks of carrot cake.

~Cinnamon Toast: Cinnamon ice cream with Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces mixed in.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough~: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.

Coffee: Coffee ice cream base.

Cookies and Cream~: Vanilla ice cream with Oreos.

Cupcake~: Pink cake batter ice cream base with rainbow sprinkles.

Dark Pumpkin: Pumpkin spice ice cream with dark chocolate chunks.

D-Cup~: Chocolate cake batter ice cream with cupcake pieces inside.

Grapenuts~: Honey vanilla, grapenuts cereal, and butterscotch.

Honey Vanilla: Vanilla ice cream made with local honey from our beekeeper Ralph, a touch of cinnamon also.

Mad Mollye~: Chocolate ice cream with cinnamon and Oreo.

New York, New York: Our 2022 flavor contest winner! Peppermint ice cream with York peppermint patty pieces.

Nutty Yankee**: Coconut ice cream with almonds and dried cranberries.

Pistachio**: Pistachio ice cream with pistachio pieces.

Roasted Banana: Bananas roasted with brown sugar and nutmeg.

Rum Raisin: Rum ice cream with raisins.

Salty Dog: Dark chocolate ice cream with homemade sea salted caramels.

*~Sandman: Peanut butter ice cream with white chocolate covered graham cracker crumble.

Sinful Ginger: Ginger ice cream.

Twix*~: Caramel ice cream base with Heath & Twix candy pieces.

Vanilla: Classic vanilla ice cream.

Walnut Beach Mud**~: Belgian chocolate ice cream base with espresso walnut brownies.


**Flavor contains nuts.

~ Flavor contains gluten.

Walnut Beach Creamery’s Special Menu

Occasionally, special items will be posted to our social media to try. These items range from flavors, sundaes, and drinks! Make sure you follow our socials for the latest specials.

Looking to try something different? Try these products below:

We have vegan ice cream options that are made in small batches typically with a coconut and oat milk base. Flavors change often, so call ahead to see what vegan flavor we are offering at the time!

We carry a selection of fresh fruit sorbets which are vegan. Flavors change weekly, so call ahead to see what we are offering!

Some flavors are no sugar added, call ahead to see what no sugar added flavors we have available. We also sell sugar free ice cream bars by the bar or in a box of five.

Every once in awhile, we will make a specialty flavor. These flavors are limited and made in small batches. The specialty flavors will be posted to our social media when available.

In our freezer, we carry sugar-free ice cream pops, cookie sandwiches, and even pre-packaged pints of our most popular flavors. We also have pup cups for your dog to enjoy!

Any of our flavors can be made into pints and quarts. As the season goes on, it can get busy at the store so please call ahead if you are looking to place a pint and quart order so they can be packed and ready. Prices are listed below:

Pint: $8.15

Quart: $16.25

We also make homemade herbal and fruit infused lemonades. Flavors change weekly!

Homemade Toppings

Bittersweet Hot Fudge

Peanut Butter Sauce

Caramel Sauce

Mixed Berries

Traditional Toppings

Gummy Bears


Chocolate Sprinkles

Rainbow Sprinkles


Reese’s Pieces




The ice cream is manufactured in a facility that handles nuts.